Selecting images for understanding

Listened to a presentation today that had an image that looked something like this:


These gears don’t move.  The presenter clearly intended to demonstrate a process in which the gears WOULD move, but…they don’t.  And, friends, I am a humanities major, not an engineer, so this is pretty stinkin’ obvious.

I was so distracted by this, it was hard to concentrate on the presentation (which may say more about me than the presenter), but it reinforced the idea that images and media during educational or promotional presentations should be selected carefully.  I can’t help cringing when I see this image, too:


I worry about this doctor’s clinical skills if he’s listening through a shirt.  If he’s advertising something, I don’t want to use it.  If he’s promoting his healthcare system (I’ve seen lots of examples of this very issue), I don’t want to go there.

Pick your images carefully.