Something that JUST WORKS!

Gotta refer all you information age workers that move around to one of the best little utilities I've found in a while (courtesy, natch, to Lifehacker).  Dropbox syncs a 'magic folder" on your harddrive across Al Gore's internet to other magic folders on your other computers – keeping everything nice and in sync.  Works across Linux, Mac and Window$.  Also has a very capable web interface and an iGoogle gadget.  A couple of small bugs, and I can't honestly evaluate it's security, but man has it changed my information-processing life.  I forked out the dough for the 50 GB package as it does what my online file backup service used to do for me…just better…but most people will be perfectly happy, I assume, with the free (as in beer) 2 GB package.

I love it when something just works well.