Diets for New Years!

First of all, as we know, New Years' resolutions are probably a bad way to promote lifelong behavior change – we hope for too much and usually fail.  Small, gradual, permanent changes are more likely to help.

I've talked before about my favorites, but the NYT just published a list of "no gimmicks" diet books to help us get over our national obestiy epidemic – including the latest from the Seth Rogen* of health books, Mehmet Oz.  The consilience of these books, I'll imagine – without having put the work in to find out - is:

  • Pay attention to hunger signals – eat when you're hungry.  Stop when you're not. Don't eat for non-hunger reasons.
  • Eat a diet of wide variety and balance.
  • Eat "low on the food chain" – more whole/raw/unprocessed foods
  • Eat lean proteins when you eat higher on the food chain, but keep them a small part of your meal.
  • Exercise moderation in all things – fats, alcohol, salt, desserts, etc.
  • Be more active.

I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that more and more books – even when they achieve the consilience above – saying the same things is NOT what's going to solve this problem.

*("He's in everything" – Rob Riggle, The Daily Show)