I love the Internet, v. 143

I’m still amazed that people find this blog, but yesterday took the cake. I complained about my internet access travails with ip3 server settings (I still don’t completely know what I’m talking about), and Chris – the self-described lead engineer of the IP3 device wrote me to express condolences about the situation. I’ll write him back and offer to share information, and maybe he’ll find some weird loophole that he can close, and somehow be more successful. That’s really cool, I think.

2 thoughts on “I love the Internet, v. 143

  1. Hello – just to let you know that Chris really *is* the lead engineer on the IP3 NetAccess, in fact he’s Director of Engineering. Make sure you let us know about anything you find, we’re always looking for ways to help improve our product.
    Kind Regards
    Andrew Marshall
    President & CEO
    IP3 Networks – a trademark of Second Rule LLC
    Philadelphia PA


  2. @Andrew – I never doubted it, but since I couldn’t independently verify it, my words needed to reflect that. Thanks! I wrote you guys an email today.


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