NHS Blog Doctor

Link: NHS Blog Doctor: Quacktitioner Alert (3).

I’ve become quite addicted to the NHS Blog Doctor‘s rants, ravings and general emporer-with-no-clothes-notifications concerning his life and work in the NHS.  I sympathize with his frustrations, would love to write like he does and share similar levels of quandary with the place of Family Medicine in the US health system as he does with General Practice in the NHS.  I also wanna put more pictures in with my entries…though I think I’ll avoid the duck motifs…I might not get any GI consults if I start harshing on mid-levels.

I’m currently attempting to live out my interest in the view of Family Medicine that was espoused by Dr. Brown recently in FPM.  Hoping that will re-kindle my spirit a little after stopping maternity care, and feeling increasingly uncomfortable with my lack of hospital care.  Did my first home visit in a while yesterday…Not sure it will amount to much improvement for the patient, but I enjoyed it, and I think she did too.