Giddy about the expected…

I did it!!!

After loads of foolin’ around and attempting to "repair" my movable type installation in order to export all my previous posts – it finally works.

Tip o’ the hat to – while they weren’t as speedy as usual, they responded to my requests and fixed what was wrong.

Thumbs down to the SixApart support system…it took several arcane search strategies to find the right article, and that was after poring over the community forums where, in round numbers, four million people are asking the same question and getting no answers…What ultimately was the problem is that my host de-installed DB_File, DBI and the required DBD module for MySQL (the database backend I was using).  mt-check.cgi gives INCORRECT information (at least it was in my case) that if you have DB_File installed (without DBI or the DBD modules) you’re all set.  Turns out I needed those modules.  What installation guides there are seem to suggest that ALL that is needed is DB_File.  Now, this may seem like trivial stuff to PERL, MySQL and CGI gurus, but to those of us trying to make a go of it without being experts, the documentation is INSUFFICIENT!!

I’m happy with TypePad, and overall very happy with the Movable Type system in general, so I’m not abandoning ship altogether – but an MT installation is not for the faint of heart or low in patience…

Why, in this world of increasing computerization, do we get so giddy when something that’s supposed to work easily but doesn’t finally gets fixed?  Maybe it’s just relief.