Misys EMR

Ok, I’ve been holding this in for a while…but I cannot anymore.

Please – if you’re considering an electronic medical record system – AVOID Misys EMR!!!!

I realize this blog is not well-read, but I’m hoping to pick up some attention, either from potential buyers of the system or from Misys themselves – who seem strangely convinced of their own worth relative to other systems.

– The interface is extremely clunky and violates all sorts of usability rules.
– The prenatal, preventive services and “risk factor” modules – features touted as improvements in the newest version – are lame attempts to develop what should be standard functionality that actually require MORE work to use than they save.
– The database is virtually useless for anything but the most basic clinical “research” (and I use this loosely – it can deliver a report (to system administrators only) of what patients are on what medications, but cannot do ANYTHING more complex without the availability of a programmer experienced with farily high-level SQL abilities.)
– There are other issues that are definite usability problems and frustrations, but I’m so used to working around them that they don’t seem as major – for instance – if you try to write a generic drug, the system sometimes delivers you into an endless loop of choosing the drug name on successive screens until you’re ready to throw the keyboard across the room!

We were beta-testing the program for our whole university, and now it appears that because of all our headaches with the system (most of which I have NOT detailed in this post – lots of IT incompatibilities), the university seems like they’re backing away from the system – leaving us fairly stranded. I honestly cannot blame the university for this, but it’s depressing.

Please…if you’re considering EMRs – Just Say No to Misys.