Clever Radiology Recommendation

So, I saw a patient with postmenopausal vaginal bleeding recently, and ordered an ultrasound to evaluate for endometrial hypertrophy/cancer.

The endometrial stripe was only 3 mm (a normal finding), but they couldn’t see the whole thing, so were appropriately cautious about their conclusions UNTIL:

“…should there be continued postmenopausal bleeding, consideration should be given to an MRI to further evaluate the endometrial lining.”

I ask you…shouldn’t they be held responsible for recommending a MULTI THOUSAND dollar, unproven test (MRI) over the $50 gold-standard endometrial biopsy?

No wonder our health care system accounts for too much of our GNP. Further evidence that primary care physicians should be experts in Information Mastery (disclaimer – I’ve worked with and for the Infopoems group).