Cognitivism and Complexity

From Science Blog (a very cool read…see the Blogroll):
An interesting, but probably not unexpected, twist on cognitive theory. Gets away from the old, linear information processing model, and more toward a complexity model –
“For decades, the cognitive and neural sciences have treated mental processes as though they involved passing discrete packets of information in a strictly feed-forward fashion from one cognitive module to the next or in a string of individuated binary symbols — like a digital computer,” said Spivey. “More recently, however, a growing number of studies, such as ours, support dynamical-systems approaches to the mind. In this model, perception and cognition are mathematically described as a continuous trajectory through a high-dimensional mental space; the neural activation patterns flow back and forth to produce nonlinear, self-organized, emergent properties — like a biological organism.”
Mental processing is continuous, not like a computer | Science Blog