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I’ll have to explore all these at some point.
I’m also looking for a good instructional design blog…The Learned Man! isn’t bad, but if anyone has other ideas, let me know.
from The Learned Man!
from Martin Ryder at U Col – Denver.

One thought on “Instructional Design Link Pages

  1. Adam

    Very good article indeed.
    It’s fascinating to watch how religion is once again becoming the prevailing motivator and identity to people, after a brief hiatus. Not only Islam in the East, but Christianity here in the United States. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it seemed that economic forces and power struggles were determining the fate of man’s politics; and religion, while practiced, was being replaced as the main determinant of cultural identity. The Industrial Revolution, Democracy, Maoism, Facism, the Third Reich, Communism, the Cold War, the technological boom… all were arguably born not out of religious roots but rather for opportunity for economic advancement or simple power (a great read on how power WAS the religion of the 20th Century, check out Bertrand de Jouvenel’s “On Power”).
    Now, it seems that confronted with the possibility of peace and global economic advancement for the past 20 years, man has turned back to religion for an excuse to kill each other. The “Crusades” and religious persecution we thought were so archaic and symbolic of a time long ago when we were so unadvanced as a race, has come back in vogue.
    Yay humans.


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