So, I just finished a writing a grant to HRSA for a three-year faculty development project for our department. Now, my abysmal project management skills aside (I can plan anything, but I always seem to have everything pile up towards the end…), this grant-writing process is still a little frustrating. It’s pretty evident in government grants how much is oriented to political/congressional interest – most of which seems a tad short-term-focused. I’m sure this is nothing new, but now that I’m doing this stuff more, I see the political winds blowing more obviously. There still managed to be enough places to talk about what I think are important ideas to be teaching in medicine – evidence-based medicine, quality improvement, patient-centeredness, etc. These are not my ideas of course, but those of the Institute of Medicine. They’re really an inspiring force in medicine – they create lofty goals, to be true, but give all of us a roadmap for what medical care could be (in addition to their other missions – clearing up controversies, etc.) Their Health Professions Education report and the Crossing the Quality Chasm report are both great reads.